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The voucher, how does it work?

Time is the real gift

Offer a pregnant woman the opportunity to take advantage of emotional preparation for the birth,

attentive birth support, experienced ear and relevant advices after the birth

or even a specially designed massage for pregnant women .

Loriane Doula Support Services

Would you like to order a voucher? Nothing easier!

1- Please click on "Order a voucher ..." and please write me a message with the following pieces of information:


  • to : first name, surname

  • from : first name, last name

  • the desired amount of the voucher or the selected service

  • the delivery address (the voucher will be printed out and sent to the post office)

  • the billing address (if different from the delivery address)

  • a private message if you want...

2- You will receive a response from me with :

  • the summary of your information

  • the corresponding bill and bank details for payment .

3- After I received your payment, you will receive the voucher per mail .

The voucher is then valid for 6 months.

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