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A doula, why ?

Before, during and after the pregnancy, more than ever, every question is worthty, and so does every feeling have its reason to be.

You will find your answers with a doula in a respectful and supportive environment, within a full support package, or only ponctually according to your needs.

Pourquoi faire appel à une Doula ?
  • Sexual relations during the pregnancy

  • Desire variations

  • Orgasm & pregnancy

  • dangerous or helpful ?

  • etc.

Strange feelings and anxieties
  • stressed

  • tired

  • gulty

  • overwhelmed

  • worried

  • want to let go

  • etc.

The dad, the couple, brothers & sisters : their place
  • Evolution of the relationships in the family

  • Place of your partner during childbirth

  • etc.

The childbirth
  • Birth plan

  • The contractions

  • Birth house, at home, at the hospital: where should I give birth?

  • Will I recognize, when the labor starts ?

  • etc.

With my baby
  • Breastfeeding

  • The sleep

  • Am I a "good" mother ?

  • With the brothers & sisters

  • etc.

And also...
  • Grieving for a child

  • Experience of miscarriage

  • Children desire

  • Adoption project

  • etc.

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