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Everything about the Doula

Support of the pregnant women, bublle of protection during the birth, experienced partner of the young mother, who is the doula ?

Listening, supporting, advicing, advocating, informing, helping... what does the doula offer 

You have already a medical support thanks to a midwife and/or a obstetrician, what would you need a doula for ?

keep calm and doula on

The doula, what's that ?

In ancient Greece, doulas were already present at women’s side during the pregnancy, delivery and the baby’s first moments.

Nowadays, doulas are...


The doula, what does she do ?

At the risk of disappointing you, a doula doesn’t provide anything beyond a feeling of well-being and self-confidence for the people who receive her support.

She offers intimate moments out of the day-to-day routine


A doula, why ?

Have you been asking one of those questions or some others ?

You will find your answers with a doula in a respectful and supportive environment...


The doula in some figures

Find out which positive effects on the birth the support given by a doula can have...

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They tell their own experiences, as they were supported or when they received a massage by Loriane Doula...

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