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Once upon a time there was a doula

Doula, I have not always been. My professional career began in 2001 as a software developer in various companies. I practiced this profession for 13 years. My goal was "to produce".

Today I am a Doula. That is, my goal now is "to be". My most important tools are my being and my personality: thanks to non-judgmental listening, sharing,  knowledge and empathy.

Above all, I strive to cherish the quality of being of those who offer me their trust like a precious gift, by proposing a quiet, safe and confidential place. Here, you can let go and relax.

From now on, as Doula I will accompany you and your family during pregnancy  until the birth. I am there for you and support you in all things.

Loriane Doula, sa vocation
My calling
Loriane Doula, sa vocation

I was very lucky to enjoy the colors of two pregnancies. My older son was born in 2006, his two younger brothers (twins) in 2009.

Becoming a mother taught me the importance of wellbeing and the influence of the way we are born on it. The desire to learn more about the prenatal world has increased. I gathered information and was trained accordingly .


I finally felt I was on the right track. My way is to support the parents-to-be and the families in their new configuration as a doula .

Through my experience as a wife and mother, I have come to understand as well what follows:

  • Future and young mums are increasingly isolated because of the way we live today, as they experience deep physical and psychological changes through pregnancy and the arrival of their child in their lives.

  • The essential medical follow-up does not always correspond in all respects to what the pregnant women and the young mothers or their families need or expect.


LorianeDoula_Keep Calm And Doula On 600x
My career path

Volunteers in the European Doula Network - 2020

responsible for the EDN ( European Doula Network ) website

Speaker at the Doula Conference in Nagoya ( Japan ) - 2019

Exchange on the practice of doula in Europe and Japan

Instructor - Education " Become an entrepreneur in the perinatal sector " - 2019

proposed by AFA and

run by Nicole De Palmenaer (Coach) u. Loriane Montel (Doula)  

" To create his company in the field of childbirth " - 2018

Education and diploma given by Nancy Richard
Quebec doula, entrepreneur, educator, writer

Seminar " Paramana Doula " - 2017

run by Dr. Michel Odent (Dr. in surgery and gynecology, founder of the website)

and Mrs. Liliana Hammers (Doula)  

" The postpartum phase,
           the 4th trimester of pregnancy
"- 2016

Run by Ms. Ingrid Bayot , midwife from Quebec since 1996, author, speaker and trainer in the perinatal field.

Foundation of  the " Loriane Doula " company - 2015

One of the rare (2) doulas in the ulmer / biberacher region

" To be a doula " - 2014/2015

Education and certificate proposed by the Belgian Association for Accompanying Education ( AFA )

Member of the AFDB Association - since 2014

AFDB means "Belgian Association of French-Speaking Doulas"

"I will make my dream come true by accompanying you on your unique and unforgettable journey."

Loriane Montel a suivi son rêve: Etre Doula et faire le bien autour d'elle.

"Your trust is my nicest gift."

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